Solar Panels and PV Systems

The drop in the cost of solar photovoltaic installations, coupled with the increased cost of electrical energy borne by end consumers in recent years, has accelerated the arrival of the so-called grid parity in many regions throughout the world. CIRCUTOR, by establishing synergies between knowledge of the measurement, management and improvement of the quality of electrical energyand exploiting the renewable resources that produce it, has designed solutions that integrate energy distributed in the electrical grid with instantaneous and time-delayed self-consumption applications for industrial applications, service facilities and even residential buildings.

Each consumer has a different demand curve, as well as specific situation in terms of access to the grid. To this end, CIRCUTOR has designed different solutions that adapt to each situation, offering optimum management of solar resources, optimising efficiency, simplifying management processes and achieving the highest possible cost savings.

The solutions offered fall into two categories, based on the time relationship established between solar production and the consumption of electricity in each case:


  • Instantaneous or direct self consumption, without storage
  • Time-delayed self-consumption with storage
  • Installations isolated from the grid
  • Installations with DC coupling to the grid
  • Installations with AC coupling to the grid



CIRCUTOR’s photovoltaic kits for grid connection systems contain all the elements necessary for the instantaneous self-consumption of solar energy when it is generated, ensuring at all times that the surplueses are not injected into the grid.

These kits are supplied with the following:


  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Anodised aluminium structure and ties
  • Power Inverter for grid connection
  • CDP – Dynamic power control
  • Protection against DC and AC overvoltages


Benefits of using the kits


  • Easy to process the order through a single code and supplier y Compatibility with all components is guaranteed
  • Remote monitoring (via web server embedded in CDP) and historical data storage.
  • Measurement of the installation’s flows of energy
  • Top quality components
  • Compatibility with pre-configured cabinets (Combiner Box) that facilitate assembly.
  • Possibility of dimensioning the versions with the kit references for other power levels and configurations (subject to order)
  • Optional adaptation of the references listed to different grid typologies (international configuration, UL certification) with different frequency and voltage levels (subject to order).

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