Service & Maintenance Contracts

LPINZ has a dedicated service department for servicing all our equipment, including Lightning Protection Systems, Surge Protection Systems, Power Factor and Harmonic Equipment and UPS. LPINZ recommends annual preventative maintenance of all equipment to ensure optimum performance and continued protection. It is also recommended that lightning and surge protection systems are checked after every thunderstorm for visible damage or MOV cartridge replacement. Surge protection systems can be connected to Building Managements Sytstems or alarm triggers to ensure notification should they require replacement.
Please fill out the enquiry form below and our service department will contact you regarding your needs and schedule site visit according to availability.


LPINZ is proud to offer installation, should a client require it, as part of the supply of any equipment we provide. It is recommended that LPINZ install the equipment for several reasons:

  • The issuing of a Certificate of Compliance process is shortened
  • The commissioning procedure can be performed earlier
  • Installation with supply provides an easier and streamlined process
  • Supply, Installation & Commissioning and Warranty is limited to single vendor only
  • Equipment transport is streamlined and safer
  • Administration process, including As-Built documentation, is simplified

For a list of projects where LPINZ has supplied & certified equipment, or completed a turnkey project, please refer to our Projects Page.