Power Quality Audit

A standout feature of LPINZ is our power quality audit service, which typically involves a site visit and consultation by one of our qualified engineers to assess the client’s reactive power usage, load profiling and supply fluctuations. This is achieved through providing a 7, 14 or 28 day power logging or remote analysis operation, that results in an extensive power quality report and professional capacitor bank recommendation. This is complemented by a cost benefit analysis and simple net-zero investment calculation that usually provides payback times of less than 30 months. Installation and commissioning then takes place if required, followed by a servicing and maintenance plan that ensures the client is still satisfied well after the equipment is switched on.


  • After receiving the request for an audit, LPINZ consults with the client as to their expectations and requirements for a power quality solution. Often this is the result of a high power bill, power supply problems such as generator triggering, or load profiling to see where power consumption is occurring.
  • After performing an site inspection, a monitoring period is decided on which is usually one to two weeks depending on the business production cycle.
  • LPINZ will visit then install monitoring equipment; this involves the use of one or multiple LPINZ data loggers being left on site to monitor individual points of interest such as switch boards or distribution boards.
  • At the conclusion of this period the units are removed and data is analyzed by the engineering team for presentation to the client.
  • In the case of power factor correction, a short report and summary of results is issued along with a recommended unit price quotation, optional installation inclusive costing and commissioning costing.
  • The fee for this process is issued on supply of the power quality report, but up to 50% of this figure may be deductible on the purchase of the recommended unit from LPINZ. This limits the exposure of both parties and often results in a sale when the budget allows.

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