Circutor Controllers & Power Analyzers

  • Earth Leakage And Circuit Breaker Protection With Automatic Reclosing Systems
  • Full Colour Displays In All Common Din Hole Sizes
  • Replacement Capacitor Bank Controllers And Accessories
  • Remote Access Lan, Wifi & 3g Gprs Power Analyzers
  • Powerstudio And Scada Software

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Includes: EDS + CVM-NET4 + MC3
Control up to 4 different lines, (header, lighting, climate control, etc.) measure when, where and what you are consuming and reduce your consumption curve.
CVM-NET4 Analyzer + EDS + 3 MC3 Efficient transformers


Includes: EDS + SMART III + TC *
Use the capacitor bank currently installed in your installation, replacing the current regulator with the Computer SMART III. This regulator has a built-in power analyzer which, connected to the EDS, can not only check the status of the capacitor bank, preventing penalties imposed due to reactive energy consumption, but also generate the general consumption curve of your installation.
* Choose 2 CT transformers with a ratio that matches that of the transformer installed in your installation.
Regulador Computer Smart III Regulator + EDS + 2 TC Measuring transformers


Includes: EDS-3G + CVM-NET-MC + CBS-4-C + MC3 + WGS
Measures, controls and protects the 3 phases of your electric panel. Check the total consumption of your installation, protect each phase and guarantee the preventive maintenance of your installation.
Analizador CVM-NET-MC Analyzer + EDS-3G + CBS-4-C + 1 MC3-250 Measuring transformer + 3 WGC-25 Earth leakage transformers

Remotely group and control all parameters thanks to EDS/EDS-3G: a powerful energy manager with embedded PowerStudio, capable of displaying all electrical variables recorded by the power analyzers or other field devices with its built-in WEB and XML Server.