Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

The electric car, the car of the future.

The appearance of Electric Vehicles on the market has sparked off a wide-ranging media explosion regarding energy, technology, economic and environmental issues, creating great opportunities in each and every one of these fields; although at the same time it has raised a lot of questions, doubts and queries from future users and from society in general. One aspect that creates considerable concern among new users is that of the availability and types of charging points. Circutor has designed and developed a set of Smart Management Equipment and Systems for Charging Electric Vehicles.

electric vehiclesWe are at a time where many of the models created years ago need profound changes in order to adapt to the reality of the world today, and to the new paradigm of Sustainable Development. More specifically, one of the aspects that appears to have reached its turning point is transportation and the mobility sector. There are two essential reasons why the transport sector needs to undergo important changes: increase its energy efficiency, reduce its dependence on petroleum and diminish its environmental impact. Our planet’s energy needs are steadily growing, while the main energy sources used (fossil fuels and uranium) are limited. It is essential to convert modern energy systems into more efficient ones, and the most important challenge in this respect is the transport sector, which is highly energy inefficient.

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