Just like Wricon earthing systems, Rebarcon enables earthing to a building’s frame via the foundations or rebar reinforcement.

Using the rebar found in concrete delivers an indestructible electrode and because it is cast in the concrete,

any dangers are substantially reduced. Using Sunlight exothermic welds to complete

our Rebarcons means they don’t deteriorate or corrode.

LPI NZ offers a number of Rebarcon options that deliver a cost effective alternative to Wricon.

Rebarcons – The Wricons Alternative

LPI NZ’s high quality fully Exothermic welded Rebarcons are made to order.

Typically we make and ship within one to three working days from receipt of order.


At LPI NZ we can supply an extensive range of Earth Bonding components:

  • 6mm2 Rebarcon to 240mm2 Rebarcon with standard 3m tail
  • Rebarcon with/without earth points terminals
  • 1, 2 & 4 hole terminals available
  • Double ended Rebarcon
  • Custom size / Various Length Rebarcons(WRICON)
  • Rebar Clamps to suit a wide range of Rebars
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Additional Materials

The following PDFs will help you make the right choice. Alternatively call us for expert advice.

Terminal Types

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Flexible Braids

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We offer a pre-made, pre packaged Domestic Rebarcon. These are made from 6mm2 Clamp-on and ready to be joined to reinforcing mesh laid in concrete.

Our exothermic welded street light earth electrodes are a cost-effective solution for street light installations.

The exothermic weld ensures a 100% bond and reduces the risk of poor earthing or disconnection associated with earth clamps. The earth conductor can be specified to any length and size.

The LPI NZ Exothermic Welding Service

As well as supplying all the tools and products to create exothermic welds on-site, we can also provide pre-welded solutions for customers. These offer a cost effective, quality alternative to Wricon Earthing systems.

Simply tell us your requirements and we will provide a quote and delivery estimate.

To learn more about our made-to-order Rebarcon earth ties,

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Training in Exothermic Welding

LPI NZ offers half day training courses in Exothermic Welding, using the full range of Sunlight products.
Simply click the button to request more details on our training courses throughout New Zealand.

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