Choose from a variety of molds to create a range of different connections. Download our Connections Guide to match up the Sunlight mold you need for the connection type you require.


The E-PLUS Exothermic Welding Mold System

E-Plus is a complete exothermic welding system with all you need to create exothermic welds out in the field.

The system includes E-Plus pods of weld metal, safe to be transported and stored at minimum risk. Each pod is shock absorbing and moisture proof.

Welding molds of various configurations can be purchased as part of the system, giving you the right mold for the job.

Safety handles are provided to make handling the mold and pods easy and safe.

The electronic starter using a rechargeable Lithium battery means there’s no need for naked flames, as it delivers an electronic charge that starts the combustion.

Complete your E-Plus system with various sizes of wire rods to be connected.


8 Reasons to use Sunlight exothermic Welding?

  1. Stable ignition point
  2. Excellent conductivity
  3. Corrosion protection through using high purity copper connectors
  4. Tensile Strength means tough, durable connections
  5. Safe and easy to operate welding solution
  6. No degeneration from multiple surges
  7. Broad application possibilities – copper, copper and steel, and also copper and cast or plated steel tape.
  8. Fast metallic bonding for great efficiency.

Training in Exothermic Welding

LPINZ offers half day training courses in Exothermic Welding, using the full range of Sunlight products.
Simply click the button to request more details on our training courses throughout New Zealand.