Sunlight and LeeWeld deliver a simple, efficient and high quality metal connection method using an
alumino-thermic reaction to weld metals.

What is Exothermic Welding?


The exothermic welding process is a method of making electrical connections of

copper to copper or copper to steel in which no outside source of heat or power

is required.

In this process, granular metals (granular copper oxide and aluminium) are

placed from a satchel into a graphite crucible and ignited.

The reduction of copper oxide by the aluminium (exothermic reaction) produces

molten copper and aluminium oxide slag.

The slag floats to the surface and the disk melts, allowing molten copper to flow

into the weld cavity and complete the weld. The weld is allowed to solidify.

The mold is removed and made ready for the next weld. The process takes

seconds to complete.

E-Plus Weld Metal Pods

Purchase E-Plus pods direct from us or from your local Electrical Wholesaler, for use in Sunlight and CadWeld Exothermic Moulds.

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E-Plus Exothermic Moulds

Purchase the complete E-Plus system, including molds, pods, and electronic starter..

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One Time Exothermic Welding

For one-off simple on-site welds look no further than our One Shot solution.

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Rebarcon/Wricon Earthing Systems

Rebarcon is LPI’s alternative to Wricon Earthing Systems, delivering earth ties to any length and cable size required, along with pre-packed domestic solutions.

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Training in Exothermic Welding

LPINZ offers half day training courses in Exothermic Welding, using the full range of Sunlight products.
Simply click the button to request more details on our training courses throughout New Zealand.

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Earthing Solutions from LPINZ

Learn more about our Earthing Solutions by downloading our Earthing Solutions Brochure Today.

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