LPI NZ Limited started operating in 2009 as a distributor for LPI in Australia, and has grown into a multifaceted power quality solutions provider, including employees and contract based consultants, engineers and electricians, that provide a broad range of skills and experience in the electrical industry. With the flexibility, service and vitality that a SMB can provide, LPI NZ has won several high profile contracts for supply and is well known throughout local industry for its quick supply, high quality and after sales service. Please refer to project or gallery tab for further details.

The company has a range of service and supply options, from audit and supply of goods only, through to turnkey  solutions that include regular site visits and consultation to establish what the client needs. In addition to lightning protection, surge protection, earthing and exo-thermic welding, LPI NZ complements these abilities with the provision of power quality auditing, logging, analysis and supply of power regulation equipment and filters. With experienced staff from electrical engineering, substation and tunnel earthing, technical and sales background, LPI NZ draws on skills from all these areas to provide the best solutions for its customers.

LPI NZ features an internal company branch focused on providing the best power quality to its clients, and as such is familiar with the benefits that improved power factor can provide, including reduced power bills, reduced load on the distribution network and reduced overall consumption as the reactive power component is minimized. Please refer to Power Factor tab for further details.

LPI NZ specializes in providing power quality solutions nationwide and to the South-Pacific Region, with a focus on commercial and industrial operations. Working closely with consultants, contractors, building managers and owners, the company has provided power system solutions, including power factor correction, surge and lightning protection to many prominent New Zealand buildings. This has resulted in significant energy savings for many high level electricity consumers throughout New Zealand.

As an Active and Conventional lightning protection provider, LPI NZ can design, supply and install lightning protection systems in compliance with international standards or to local AS/NZS 1768 certified systems. This includes the ability to supply coarse, medium and fine surge protection and installation for incoming power, data and communication systems at client sites.

LPI NZ’s Lightning protection system solutions protect many of New Zealand’s most prestigious buildings and telecommunication infrastructure.

The company’s proven record is evident with the supply of equipment to some of New Zealand premier buildings including but not limited to:

Sky Tower, Auckland – LPI NZ supplied:

  • A new Active Lightning protection systems with HSVC down conductor
  • Inspection and Compliance documents (AS/NZS1768)
  • Circutor power factor capacitor banks.

Lion Brewery – LPI NZ supplied:

  • The Design, equipment and commissioning for the 3 terminal Active lightning protection system
  • Inspection and Compliance documents (AS/NZS1768).

Vodafone Smales Farm, Auckland and Christchurch – LPI NZ supplied:

  • Active lightning protection systems for headquarters and telco towers at Auckland and Christchurch respectively.

North shore Hospital – LPI NZ supplied:

  • 1750A Surge Filter protection on main switchboard
  • Automatic power regulators, active power factor regulators
  • Circutor detuned capacitor bank with harmonic blocking reactors
  • Active and Conventional Lightning protections system
  • Inspection and Compliance documents (AS/NZS1768)

Manukau Institute of Technology (Manukau City Campus) – LPI NZ supplied:

  • 1750A Surge Filter protection, automatic power regulators
  • Active Power factor correction
  • Circutor harmonic filters
  • Conventional Lightning protections system
  • Inspection and Compliance documents (AS/NZS1768)


Lightning Protection International Australia (LPI®) is a fully Australian-owned manufacturer and supplier of direct-strike lightning, surge and transient equipment protection, earthing products and solutions.

LPI serves customers in more than 65 countries across the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, the Asia -Pacific region, Africa, Central & South America through network of highly trained and dedicated distributors. LPI maintains a third party Quality Management System which fully complies with ISO9001:2000.